Release News

15. March 2019

Version 1.2 now released: Newest IPC-HERMES-9852 Specification available for download

The new release 1.2 as approved during The Hermes Standard Initiative meeting on January 28th 2019 in San Diego (before IPC APEX Expo) is now available […]

Other news about The Hermes Standard and The Hermes Standard Initiative

15. March 2019

The Day Before IPC APEX Expo: The Hermes Standard Initiative Meeting

Twice a year, the members of The Hermes Standard Inititive meet for two reasons: One reason is to finally iscuss and agree on the next steps […]
15. March 2019

The Hermes Standard Initiative members at IPC APEX Expo 2019

Apex Expo was green this year: With the joint “Hermes” and “CFX” line on the elevated floor, and many members of The Hermes Standard Initiative exhibiting […]
15. March 2019

IPC-HERMES-9852 and IPC CFX @ IPC APEX Expo: The joint production line in San Diego

IPC APEX Expo marked another milestone for The Hermes Standard IPC-HERMES-9852. In a combined show together with IPC CFX multiple vendors presented a joint assembly line, […]
20. November 2018

The Hermes Standard IPC-HERMES-9852 at electronica 2018 in Munich

Obviously, 2018 is an “even year”. Which means for most of the electronics assembly equipment industry: Compared to the “odd” years, November is a rather calm period. This […]
17. October 2018

The Hermes Standard Initiative: A really global player keeps growing

The first full release of The Hermes Standard (IPC-HERMES-9852) took place in April 2017, marking the first (!) actual approach to define a next generation standard for […]
8. October 2018

Comparing The Hermes Standard IPC-HERMES-9852 to other standards

The Hermes Standard is an open standard as described for example by the principles by the WWW-Consortium and others ( The Hermes Standard Initiative was committed […]
2. October 2018

IPC-HERMES-9852 goes Shenzhen: The Hermes Standard at Nepcon South

Another great event for The Hermes Standard: At Nepcon South in Shenzhen, members of The Hermes Standard Initiative proudly presented their products to the Asian markets. […]
2. October 2018

IPC-HERMES-9852: “The Hermes Standard is now an IPC Standard”

The Hermes Standard Initiative is happy and glad to announce that IPC has confirmed to recognize The Hermes Standard to be the successor to “the SMEMA […]
12. June 2018

Interest and enthusiasm: Customers and Vendors alike are excited about The Hermes Standard at SMT Hybrid Packaging Show 2018 in Nuremberg

SMT Hybrid Packaging is a an annual industry fair for electronics assembly taking place in Nuremberg in the south of Germany. For the members of The Hermes Standard […]
4. June 2018

The Members’ Voice: Talking to The Hermes Standard Initiative at Nepcon 2018

During the Nepcon Show 2018 in Shanghai, members of The Hermes Standard Initiative were asked about the plans regarding The Hermes Standard Implementations, about opportunities for customers […]