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The Origin

Initially, The Hermes Standard was proposed and developed to a first draft version by ASMPT SMT Solutions and ASYS Automatisierungssysteme GmbH. But from the beginning it was clear to them, that such activities can only be successful if supported by as many vendors as possible, following the approach of a really open standard.

So they approached basically all leading suppliers of SMT assembly equipment, inviting them to take part in The Hermes Standard Initiative. And found an overwhelmingly positive response.

An open and strong community of leading innovation-bound suppliers of assembly equipment: The Hermes Standard Initiative

The Hermes Standard Initiative was officially brought to life in in Munich on March 22, 2017, when sixteen leading vendors of SMT equipment came together to discuss and approve the first version of the open protocol.

The workshop was quite a success. Everybody felt the strong dynamic spirit within the group. Everybody enjoyed being part of the beginning of a new age of machine to machine communication. It was all expressed in the key statement all participants signed and agreed on: “We have started it!”

Since then, the initiative showed strong dynamic growth, with impressive presence of highly committed and motivated members at all major trade shows. Within one year, The Hermes Standard made it “from Zero to Hero”, from a sound specification through quick implementations and field tests all the way to productive solutions “in the field”.

Going on: Open, dynamic, and free of charge

The Hermes Standard Initiative open to all SMT equipment vendors.

Basically, every company is free to implement the protocol even without officially joining the initiative, yet active participation comes with a lot of advantages, both for each company and for The Hermes Standard as such.

So The Hermes Standard Initiative is happy to see more and more vendors of SMT assembly equipment being very much interested in taking part. In fact, quite a few companies are planning to join, some have already committed do so. They will fully join the initiative at the next meeting of The Hermes Standard Initiative.

Your Next Step: Join The Hermes Standard Initiative
and participate actively in the future of The Hermes Standard

In fact, participating in The Hermes Standard Initiative is and will be free of charge All it takes is to contact the initiative, and to join the next regular meeting.

So if you are a manufacturer of SMT assembly equipment, and if you want to bring additional benefit to your customers by adding further expertise and knowledge into the evolving specification of The Hermes Standard, you are cordially invited to join. Let us make sure The Hermes Standard will cover properly your customers’ requirements and their specific process needs.

To find out how:

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or feel free to send us a message to answer your questions directly.