We do hope that the basic introduction to The Hermes Standard and The Hermes Standard Initiative, complemented by the “Questions & Answers” section, already gave you a good initial overview. May be you even have already downloaded The Hermes Standard specification document for some in depth evaluation.

For further information, please feel free to get in touch with The Hermes Standard Initiative:

Media & press

You are publishing industry related information or general news and you want to learn more about The Hermes Standard and The Hermes Standard Initiative than what is explained in the Q&A section?

Please use our contact form to submit your request in the “message section” and please indicate in there as well that you belong to the press.

Electronics manufacturers

You are manufacturing electronics either as a services provider or as part of your own products? You checked out the Q&A section already? If one of your current vendors is already part of The Hermes Standard Initiative, it is the best way to contact him directly to learn in more depth about the benefits that The Hermes Standard holds for you.

However, if none of your suppliers is committed to The Hermes Standard so far, or if you have specific overall questions, please use the contact form to let us know.

SMT assembly equipment manufacturers

Last not least: If you are manufacturing SMT assembly equipment and if you think about actively participating in the further development of The Hermes Standard, please proceed to the members page where you find some additional information and a dedicated contact form.