Great Show at Nepcon Shanghai 2018: Another impressive demo of The Hermes Standard’s market presence

Only about one year after the initial meeting of The Hermes Standard Initiative in March 2017 in Munich, Nepcon Show was once more an impressive evidence of The Hermes Standard market presence. Most members either exhibited their already existing solutions or explained to customers what is in the pipeline to be launched soon. Particularly new members having only just joined and therefore having nothing to actually put on stage yet, were already quite committed and talked to customers about their requirements and expectation.

In all customer discussions three main things were highlighted:

1) The Hermes Standard serves the need of the industry to provide an open platform for “M to M”-communication along the assembly line,

2) its innovative architecture provides what it takes to accommodate further development, and

3) the fair and transparent approach – as pursuit by The Hermes Standard Initiative – is the bottom line for an open standard and for broad acceptance in all markets.